Spirit of Nature…

The land of Halkidiki is famous for its fruitful soil as well as the variety of its natural scenery. It's trully an intoxicating combination of blue and green!

The west coast is rich in picturesque plants, while the center and the east region count three beautiful mountains, Holomontas, Itamos and Athos. While in the mountainous part in Central Halkidiki, do not miss visiting the University Forest of Taxiarchis, a 5,800-hectare state-owned forest, home to amazing flora and fauna.

Furthermore, Halkidiki’s three peninsulas dive into the Aegean Sea offering a coastline of about 550 km – the longest one in Greece and on the same time, test your survival skills on Halkidiki’s isles or discover Ammouliani island, a tine Northen gemstone and the only populated island in Halkidiki.

When exploring the amazing natural environment do not miss out on the world famous Petralona Cave, as well as the wetlands along with the 12 regions protected by the Natura newtwork.


  • Halkidiki Routes

    Halkidiki Routes

    Halkidiki Tourism Organization is developing a new network of walking trails, Halkidiki Routes, offering the chance to discover the perfect escape destination....

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  • Mountain Holomontas

    Mountain Holomontas

    The central and northern parts of Halkidiki are dominated by the mountain range of Mountain Holomontas, an area of incredible beauty with breathtaking views!...

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  • Mountain Itamos (or Dragoudelis)

    Mountain Itamos (or Dragoudelis)

    The mountain range of Itamos (or Dragoudeli) is the biggest one in Sithonia....

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  • Taxiarchis forest

    Taxiarchis forest

    The University Forest of Taxiarchis, a 5,800-hectare state-owned forest is home to amazing flora and fauna....

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  • Mountain Stratoniko

    Mountain Stratoniko

    The Stratoniko Mountain is located above the village Stagira, Aristotle's birthplace....

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  • Mountain Athos

    Mountain Athos

    Mount Athos is the mountain at the easternmost peninsula of Halkidiki....

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  • Sani wetland

    Sani wetland

    Explore the scenery and discover an amazing array of birds at Sani Wetlands, home to almost half of the bird species found in Greece and ideal for birdwatching....

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  • Petralona Cave | Geological shapes

    Petralona Cave | Geological shapes

    Petralona Cave is one of Europe’s most impressive and important caves, thanks to its wealth of fossils and to the discovery of a human skull that dates back 700.000 years. ...

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  • Agios Mamas wetland

    Agios Mamas wetland

    Another small ecotourism attraction in Halkidiki is Agios Mamas (Saint Mamas) wetlands, just after Nea Potidea canal that occupies an area of 6.332 acres....

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  • Varvara waterfalls

    Varvara waterfalls

    Between the villages Varvara and Olympiada, one can find two amazing waterfalls in a forest full of taxus, alders, lindens, beeches and wild hazels....

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  • Tigani & Pontiki islets

    Tigani & Pontiki islets

    From Tripiti or from the island “Ammouliani” you can reach these two small islands by boat and enjoy their picturesque beaches....

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  • Livari lagoon

    Livari lagoon

    At Vourvourou Bay, lies Livari, a beautiful lagoon which is delimited from the adjacent navy-blue sea by an elongated sandy beach with pine-trees....

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