• Visit a winery at Agios Pavlos

    Visit a winery at Agios Pavlos

    At Agios Pavlos, the vineyards are spread in low hills. They abut on the sea which counterpoises with its aura the extreme summer temperatures....

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  • Aeromodelling & Flight field

    Aeromodelling & Flight field

    Meet the wonderful world of your model aircraft at the racing field located in the Zografou area....

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  • Mule riding tour

    Mule riding tour

    Mule riding in the mountains of Sithonia is a truly unique experience. Discover hidden corners of Sithonia and admire the beguiling nature....

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  • Rock Climbing at Loutra

    Rock Climbing at Loutra

    For rock climbing, abseiling and great bouldering right above the sea, head to Loutra on a climbing journey that will take you as high as 100 meters....

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  • Akti Salonikiou beach

    Akti Salonikiou beach

    Akti Salonikiou lies in the north of Ormos Panagias beach, is wide, sand and pebble mixed with clear water. It is non-organized but there some beach bars nearby; it’s such quiet, ideal for families....

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  • Jeep Safari in Central Halkidiki

    Jeep Safari in Central Halkidiki

    Get ready for an adventure off-road in Central Halkidiki!...

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  • Jeep Safari in Kassandra

    Jeep Safari in Kassandra

    Get ready for an off-road adventure in Kassandra! This off-road adventure offers you a non-stop view of the sea on one hand and on the other hand, Mount Olympos, the highest mountain in Greece....

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  • Stavronikita Tower (Sani)

    Stavronikita Tower (Sani)

    The Tower of Stavronikitas, also known as Tower of Sani dates from 1543 and was built to protect the “metochi” (dependency) of the Stavronikita Monastery....

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  • Tower of Prosforios

    Tower of Prosforios

    The tower of Prosforion is the landmark of Ouranoupolis located next to its harbor. It's the largest and best-preserved tower in Halkidiki built in the 14th century....

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  • Kavourotrypes beach

    Kavourotrypes beach

    Kavourotrypes, known also as Portokali (Orange beach) is located between Armenistis and Platanitsi beaches in Sithonia....

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  • Mavrobara Lake (Turtle lake)

    Mavrobara Lake (Turtle lake)

    Located in the forest between Kriopigi and Polychrono, Mavrobara lake is a place of rare beauty and of major ecological importance....

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  • Ammouliani island

    Ammouliani island

    AMMOULIANI island A small island, a great time! Ammouliani island is an idyllic combination of fine golden sand, aquamarine sea, vegetation and giant rocks....

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