Wine & wineries

Wine & wineries

On the sun-drenched slopes of Mt Meliton, the warm dry climate and the humidity from the Aegean Sea create a beneficial environment for wine-making.

The red wine is made from Limnio which is considered to be one of the oldest varieties in the world, along with the French varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. A white wine comes from the white grape varieties of Assyrtiko, Roditis, Malagousia and Athiri.

Almost all monasteries in Mount Athos have a longstanding tradition in wine-making. Quite a few of them, host a revival of this tradition. This blessed stretch of land with its mild climate, the more than adequate sunlight, the mountain coolness and the sea breeze produces the Regional Wines of Mount Athos.

The vineyards of central Halkidiki stretch from the low hills near the sea, with the sea climate soothing the land during the summer, to the mountainous regions of the area. The grape varieties are cultivated to produce the white Regional Wines of Halkidiki are Roditis and Sauvignon Blanc. The red Regional Wine of Halkidiki is produced from the Xinomavro, Grenache Rouge and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties.

Plan your visit to one of Halkidiki's wineries, walk around the endless vineyards and taste some of the finest wines:
Visit a winery at Agios Pavlos
Visit a winery at Sithonia
Visit a winery at Marathousa
Visit a winery at Arnea

More information: Wine Producers Association of the Northern Greece Vineyard,